Apple Contracting LLC’s growth and success is attributable to the belief in and strict adherence to the core values established over multiple decades ago and exemplified by subsequent clients.

Values such as integrity, loyalty, and customer delight—while routinely thrown about without substance in the business community—have always been taken very seriously by our company.

Development 76%
Remodeling 92%
Design 65%

We are constantly running models for our success as you will see above, we have a long history of projects and upcoming that we scale our business around.

The mission of Apple Contracting LLC is to build on our reputation for integrity, excellence, experience and leadership as Kentucky’s finest construction organization by:

• Continuously improving the quality of our work and services.

• Constantly striving to exceed each client’s expectations.

• Maintaining our dedication to the highest moral principles.

• Providing our people with a challenging, secure and safe environment in which to achieve personal career goals.

• Making sure our customers and clients are satisfied to the best of our ability.